Management : IRBA


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[wptabtitle] Finance & Banking[/wptabtitle]


Finance & Banking merupakan bla

List Training
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Intro to Financial Engineering
  • Asset Allocation Strategy
  • Activity Based Costing
  • Trade Financing Strategy
  • Business Banking
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Finance & Financial Statements
  • Corporate Financing Strategy
  • Corporate Rating Process
  • Credit Analysis for Credit Officer/Analyst
  • Financial Engineering (Advanced level)
  • Financial Projection & Planning
  • How to Increase Revenue
  • Value-Creating Investment Evaluation
  • Optimal Project Portfolio
  • Investment – Wealth Management
  • Investment & Portfolio Analysis
  • Corporate Finance For Top Executive
  • Risk Appetite & Risk Tolerance Development
  • Risk Based Budgeting


[wptabtitle] Management [/wptabtitle]


Finance & Banking merupakan bla blabla

List Training
  • Project Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Implementation Balanced Score Cards
  • Change Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Performance Management
  • Thinking Skill Management
  • Improving Corporate Image
  • Entrepreneurship for Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Time Management Effectiveness
  • Smart Team Work Management
  • Developing Virtual Capital
  • Good Corporate Management
  • Corporate Communication Management
  • Corporate Business Development
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Business Portfolio Management
  • Enterprise Risk Management



[wptabtitle]Human Resources[/wptabtitle]

Human merupakan bla blabla

List Training

Professional Development
Developing Human Resources Culture
Managing Human Resources Behavior
Improving Employee Motivation
Personality Development
Strategic Competition
Job Analysis and Evaluation
Organizational Analysis
Corporate Journalistic
Developing Excellence Public Relation
Service Excellence