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This is a flexible workshop, continuously updated as business trends change, and adjusted to the concerns of each participant group. Time will be set aside every day for peer-to-peer coaching, where participants can share challenges and experiences. Many participants have gained valuable solutions to difficult problems by this method.

Before the workshop, you will:

  • Complete some background reading on the key concepts
  • Prepare a very short case study about a real leadership situation and come to the workshop prepared to discuss it
  • Gather any leadership or behavioral feedback you have received in your company

You will use these to help you think about your leadership action plan


Module 1 – Start with a Clear Strategy

This module is about setting the context for leadership. Topics include:

  • Global trends: The world is changing, what changes do you have to manage?
  • Elements of a clear strategy
  • Customer Value Proposition at the centre of mission, vision, and strategy
  • How do your customers experience your company, and why is this?
  • Implications of the Customer Value Proposition for leadership – the MCE Leadership for Strategy Implementation Model
  • Creating a clear strategy implementation plan – the “Strategy House”
  • Making your strategy crystal clear and communicating it in a way people can understand, buy into, and know what to do
  • Segmenting your stakeholders and tailoring your strategy communication


Module 2 – Align Processes and People to Strategy

You will look at the hard systems in the company that influence people’s beliefs and behaviour. When the strategy changes, these things have to change too in support of the strategy; otherwise, you won’t get the change in behaviour you want. What helps people to act in support of the strategy, and what blocks them, or encourages them to do something else? What can you do about it?

  • Performance metrics

o   Setting the right KPIs

o   Cascading objectives

o   Performance management systems

o   Individual performance management

o   Aligning compensation and reward systems

  • Processes and Structure

o   Best structures for different strategies

o   Different business process methodologies

o   Business process improvement

  • Keeping things simple
  • Using the Net Promoter Score to measure customer loyalty – a key performance measure and driver of process improvement to deliver value to the customer
  • Applying to your own situation


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